The well – being of your family depends up on your Happiness, Wealth and Happiness. For this you should choose a Right time, Right place to conduct a Right Homa.
Lord Gnapathi in the form of Shiva Shakthi form is worshiped in this Homa. Vancha means Desires or what we need, Kalpa Latha means the goddess who offers or fulfill our desires. Those who need their desired to be fulfilled with out any obstacles can pray Lord Vancha Kalpa Latha Ganapathi through this Homa and they can realize the grace of Lord Vancha Kalpa Latha Ganapthi immediately.
This Homa can be conducted only SRIVIDHYA UPASANA VEDIC PANDITS only.
This is a very rare Homa and who knows the concept of this Homa will perform this Homa
Chanting Vancha Kalpa Latha Ganapathi Manthra is equivalent to 444 times of chanting regular Sri Maha ganapathi manthra. So to say performing of Sri vancha kalpalatha Homa is equivalent to performing of 444 times of Sri Maha Ganapathi Homa.
1. This Homa will bring prosperity happiness and wealth in the family.
2. all obstacles related Marriage, official career, puthra bhagya, prosperity in life and all negative aspects in the family will vanish.
3.all benefits arising out of taking bath in Holy rivers one can realize.
4.the benefit of chanting all Vedas one can certainly realize
5.the benefit of offering Brahman Bhojan to 1000 Vedic Brahmins one can realize.
To celebrate the victory of Good over Evil, you can perform this Homa.
Results Guaranteed. Happiness assured.


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