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Thila Homa also called Thlhoma is performed at the Pithru Kesethra Rameswaran by Saivates followers of Lord Shiva at Thirupulani near Rameswaram by Vaishnavete followers of Vishnu. Pithrus (forefathers) are pleased by offering Thila (gigili or ellu) is the Homa and Dosha caused through them will be wiped out completely.

Pithru Doshas come due to none performance of yearly Srartham (Ritual) on the same Thithi (day) of the death of ones father, mother (brothers and sisters before marriage). Pithrudosham also comes if any family members dies in accident and rituals not performed as specified in Sastra. If any still born or aborshanate baby’s borth and for them not ritual performed before disposing of the body.

If anybody upto 7th generation (both father and mother side) have not done srartha karmas to their forefathers, will also cuase pithru dosha to the present generation of the family. Similarly in many ways this Dosha will affect the present generation’s welfare.

The departed souls when going against their wishes, curses the kartha (Head of Family) which affects the whole progress of the family. Due to this Dosha, persona will be stagnated in one post till retirement in their official career, in some families mentally retarded children will born, there will be hectic delay in getting suitable alliance, many will not get pregnancy, children get married in othercaste, many will nog get life partner even after the age of 40.

This homa will be conducted only in Rameswaram or Thirupulani near Rameswaram with Vedic Pandits after bath (snanam) in 22 holy wells at Ramaswamy Temple. For wiping out this dosha, to get prosperity in life, one should do this homa in their life time.

Let us unlock our ingorance and make life more meaningful and happy.

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