Eliminate the enemies.

Salutations to Supreme Lord Krishna. The one who is the controller of all the senses, the one who is the beloved of the Gopees, the one who is the supreme soul. The paramatma, protect me from all the evil act of others, evil manthras and weapons. OH.. Lord who holds the Maha Sudarshana and lights all the eight directions, I surrender myself before you.

The Sanskrit word ‘Sudarshana’ ‘Su’ Auspicious, ‘Dharshana’- Vision. which means collectively “Vision of Auspicious”. Lord Sudarshana generally worshiped through Homa to wipe out all negative aspects in and around of anybody.

Sudarshana Chakra is considered to be most powerful weapon in Hidnu mythology to eliminate all inauspicious powers and negative vibrations.

The Sudarshana chakra is invariably portrayed on the right of rear hand of the four hands of Lord Vishnu in temples. Lord Sudarshana is depicted as an ‘Ayudhapurusha’ who takes care of this devotees from all negative aspects. According to puranas and Ithikasas ‘Sudarshana’ is worshiped for the ultimate destruction of enemies.

The Sudarshana Chakra is mentioned in four Vedas as an ultimate weapon of law, preservation to eliminate the enemies and negative forces.

‘Sudarshana Homa’ is performed by invoking Lord Sudarshana with his consort Vijayavalli through sacrificial fire. The performance of Sudarshana Homa gives relief from unknown diseases, all kind of illness, out of black magic, evil eye, poison, accidents etc. by nullifying the negative poorva karmas.

In time, the performer of Sri Sudarshana Homa gets great relief from all health issues and receives happiness, prosperity and wealth. Best days to perform Sudarshana Homa are Ekadeshi, Duadeshi and Pournami (Full Moon Day). It is better to perform ‘Sri Sudarshana Homa’ by everybody at least once in a year.

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