In order to get Vidhya Lbham, this Homas is conducted. The main deity of worship is Goddess Vidhya Saraswathi  who is known as Vani Saraswathi, the vidhya devatha.Goddess Saraswathi represents power of wisdom, power of speech, memory power, intelligence and all type of arts and skills. Children lacking in memory power, intelligence need to get the blessings of Goddess Vidhya Saraswathi through this Homa.

Goddess Vidhya saraswathi is the consort of lord Brahma and she is the only deity can grand success in examinations, music, dance, fine arts, and all educational researches. She is popularly known as Vag Devatha.

The positive vibrations emerges during the Homa time will elevate the children to high caliber in all respects. This Homa also helps to increase communication skills and confidence. to get success in all endeavors.

This Homa helps:

1. Vidyarthies (students) who aspire for great success in all examinations and higher studies

2. who wish to increase their intelligence and caliber

3. who wish to increase their intellect, alertness and learning mind.

Better to conduct the Homa on Fridays, Guru Hora time on Thursdays and panchami thithis.

Our Vedic pandits (minimum four) will conduct the Homa at your residence or the place preferred by you at nominal cost.

Make an auspicious start to wipe out your children’s  ignorance and say good buy for the bad omens around them. Explore and experience the amazing happiness around them.

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