Sri Chakra is the supreme of all Yenthras and the worship od Sri Chakra is described as the worship of Goddess Raja Rajeswary. This highest level of worshiping of Goddess Raja Rajeswary who can alone give us all kind of wealth, happiness and true spiritual knowledge .
Sri Chakra Homa is normally conducted on a Full Moon day (Powrnami) with Navavarna Pooja. According to Srividhya auspicious energy is available on Powrnamy day and conducting this Homa on Pownamy day will bring all prosperity in ones life. Nava Avarna means nine enclosures, veils or layers which are available in the sacred Sri Chakra Design. Each layer contains triangles , petals which relates to specific aspects of Divine Mother ‘s powers of love , pure consciousness and wisdom. Each avarna or layer will lead to the central point called Bhindu which is called the Divine Bliss and consciousness.
When Sri chakra Homa is performed on a Powrnamy day , the entire energy of the Full Moon magnifies the power of Manthras which ultimately will emerge the divine vibrations and power of Goddess Raja Rajeswary. Every one can experience the  power of Divine Mother.
The significance of Sri Chakra Homa is the removal of the nine avarnas (veils)  and attainment of the divine power of goddess Raja Rajeswary. The higher level of spiritual elevation can be experienced with in by all through the central point of Sri Chakra which  is called Bindu where Devine Mother and Lord Shiva exist.
In Sri Chara or Sri Maha Meru Homa , the nine levels of Divinity with their respect Goddess are invoked  and offerings are made.
One can experience the Grace of Divine Mother and the real happiness and prosperity, wealth in life.  There are no miracles. But surprises of Life changes. This is the only Homa through which you can find solutions for all your problems.  Those who have the conviction to be different, expect happiness, prosperity call us , our Vedic pandits to show their worth to make you prosper.


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