It only takes few hours to change your entire life OHM MAHA DEVEEM MAHA MAAYAM DHANA AAKARSHNA SUNDAREEM DHANA ATHISTANA MATHANGEEM DHANA DHANYA ABHIVARDHANEEM NAMAHA: Salutaions to the supreme goddess Lakshmi. Give me enormous Wealth… Not only money but also sustainable wealth. Also more and more prosperity. While the cosmic ocean of milk was churned, Mahalakshmi appeared with blazing beauty. Her golder complexion sitting on bloomed lotus  made a thrilling experience to all in the celestial. She is the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. She is supreme of all goddess and called as Dhana Aakarshana Sundari. She is not only pores money but also helps for the retention of wealth. One who prys here with dedication and faith, she will increase more and more wealth also. One who chants the Lakshmi Gayathri daily will never face financial problems. The Lakshmi Homa should be conducted at least once in a year in every body’s family. Those who face financial stress can do this homa which will bring prosperity immediately to them. Thethiyur V.J. Raman, Aathmartha Jothidar helps you, identifying the weak areas in your horoscope and get you immediate remedy through performing Sree Mahalakshmi Homa. Make on auspicious start to wipe out your worries make life happy through Sree Mahalakshmi Homa. Order Now

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