New Destination for Prosperity and Happiness

Aum Karthikeyaya Vidmaha
Sakthi Hasthaya Dhimahi
Dhanno Skanda Prachodayath

Salutation to the supreme Lord Subrahmaniya, with the hands of goddess sakthi protect me from all enimies and give me courage to face any evil force in this universe.

Lord Subrahmanya popularly known Lord Muruga, Karthikeya is the destroyer of all evil forces in this universe. Lord Subrahmanya is normally invoked when anybody faces acute troubles and problems through their enimies.

Any emenic problems, obstacles from evil acts, mounting debts and threatening from debtors, obstacles from getting good alliance, negative forces stopping to get good job career, problems in official career, Problems to retain wealth, loss through competitors in business career, problems in getting prosery will have solutions through performing Shatru Samhara Homa in your house or business premise.

Sathru Samhara Homa is to be performed to nullify the evil effects and mischievous activities of enimies. When anybody is mentally challenged and feel destruction of metal peace, this Homa will get them success happiness and prosperity.

Lord Shiva decided to destroy demon Surapadma who was a terror of all Devasm, through lord Subrahmanya. In the 10days tight Lord Subrahmanya vanquish the demon with the help of 11 weapons and a spear given by Lord Shiva and Parvathi. It is believed that the supreme deity Lord Subrahmanya can done destroy all evils effects or forces faced by everybody.

This Hona is also conducted for any problems related to malefic planet Mars, especially Kuja or Mangalic Dosha. This is a very power Homa recommended to all who face any enemic problems and get prosperity and happiness in life.

Sathru Samhara Homa – your destination for prosperity and happiness.

Thethiyur V.J. Raman, Aathmartha Jothidar helps you, identifying the weak areas in your horoscope and get you immediate remedy through performing Sathru Samhara Homa.

Make on auspicious start to wipe out your worries make life happy through Sathru Samhara Homa.

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