In our Hinduism Vedic Homas are very important religious practices performed for the sake of devotees by Rishis and Vedic pandits in olden days. Homa is called HAVAN, the word comes from Sanskrit which means a RITUAL in offering that is made in to consecrated FIRE to nullify all miseries , sorrow, and worries. Not only Hindus but also Janis, Buddhist, Tibetans and Japanese are still believing Vedic Homas can alone get them great relief from all negative aspects. In Vedic Homa sacred materials  are offered to instigate positive enegies by chanting relevant manthras.


Scientifically the Vedic Homas have proven to purify the atmosphere, casting a Healing effect on the mind and the body. Vedic Homas are an ancient form of sacrament, which can help all to get well, have good Health, create best relationship, find a life partner, have progeny, prosperity and happiness in life.Vedic Homas will remove all negative aspects in a Horoscope and Vasthu in Graha (House). Vedic Homas creates spiritual connection between the devotees and the Divine Supreme GOD.


Various kind of Vedic Homas for various causes have been designed and performed by our eminent pandits (scholars) at any place as desired by clients at reasonable cost..

This site is dedicated to  my Gurus , parents and those who want to reshape their life with happiness and prosperity.