Saves from disaster can save many more.

Aum Hreem Skham Bhaksha Jvaalajihrey prathyangirey
Ksham hreem hum phatt
Aum hreem dhum
Uttishta purushi kim swabhishi
bhayam mey samupastitham
yahti shakyam ashakyam vaa
inann mey bhagawathi
samayasamya swaha dhum hreen Aum|

Prathyangira is a very powerful and ferocius deity whose body looks like human and face like lion. she is combination of both masculine and feminine Lord Shiva and Goddess Sakthi form.

For destruction of any negative aspect or forces, like Revelry, regaining power, incurable diseases, misfortune, unsolvable obstacles, Sri Prathiyangira Homa is to be performed. Worshiping goddess Prathiyangira helps everyone for the removal of all mental worries.

Performing Sri Prathyangira Pooja also will remove all financial problems, clear all debts, evil eye, troubles from enemies, major diseases, unbearable pain etc.

Sri Prathyangira Devi’s divine power will make a full stop to all destructive forces in everybody’s life. As per puranas, this Divine Mother emerged from the Third Eye of Lord Shiva. All the negative forces will be absorbed by her and she will transform everything into positive energy.

In fine to overcome all negative forces, this Homa is conducted to get the blessings of Goddess Sri Prathyangira Devi. She will protect everybody from all evil forces and bless us with best of everything in life.

We strongly recommend this Homa to conquer all cost powers, misfortune, and seek her blessings. By invoking Her positive energy all will receive special energy  and will get away from all negative forces.

This Homa saved many life from disaster… can save many more in future also.

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