GOD is omnipotent and omnipresent in this universe and we can realize HIS Grace through prayers in performing POOJAS
In Hindu Mythology Idol worships are mainly focused to obtain God’s Grace very easily. POOJA means eliminating Sins through prayers. “PA” means Phapa-Sins  and “JA” means Nivarthi. The ultimate purpose of conducting POOJAS is to attain the divinity / His grace through Trust and Dedication.
NITHYA POOJAS can normally be conducted either at Home personally by everybody or in Temples through Archagas / priests daily. Several POOJAS for specific purposes will be performed during festival times and other specific occasions in our India. These POOJAS can also be done either in the HOUSE or TEMPLES by learned Pandits or Priests.
Before starting any functions or specific occasions POOJAS  to Lord Vigneswara and Navagrahas are to be conducted. The object of conducting POOJAS is to create a Divine atmosphere which will vanish all bad omens or evils in that premise. By conducting special and specific POOJAS, one can certainly get the blessings of GOD and all prosperity in life.
We organize specific and special POOJAS either in your house or in Business premise or in Temples to get the desired benefits through the grace of GOD. Our learned Pandits will come to your House  OR any desired premise and organize the POOJAS at your most satisfactions.
Make an auspicious start to wipe out your worries and make life Happy and Prosperous. Experience the New Life and indulge in Happiness like never before.
Call us to conduct any specific / spiritual  POOJA to explore and experience the amazing Happiness.