Salutation to the supreme Lord Ganesa, whose curved trunk and massive body shines like a million suns.. Ganesa, please remove all obstacles, always and forever from all my activities and endeavors.


In the Hindu tradition, Ganesa is Agra Puja: the one who is worshiped first. The commencement of any work in this world begins with a silent offering to him.
With an Elephant head and human body, he blesses human and non human aspects in this world. He is so easy to create. In rituals people just mix water and turmeric powder to create a small idol of this lord. He is so easy to approach and easy to please.
Ganesa Seems to be right deity to remove all obstacles on its path.

The elephant headed God is know as the deity of new beginnings and is deemed by many to be the Lord who helps his devotees in overcoming obstacles.

It is said that Lord Ganesa graces His Divine Presence to his devotees by conducting Sri Maha Ganapathi Homam. If he is faithfully worshiped through Homa, undoubted by as God of wisdom, He will shower prosperity, new beginnings and good fortune.

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