Gho Pooja means worshiping of Goddess Kamadhenu . In kali yugha only Kamadhenu can give immediate benefits to all for their any legitimate desires.
Vedas say that Goddess Kamadhenu who can becalled as Gho Madha is a cosmic where Shiva,Vishnu and Brahma with their consorts reside. Worshipping Goddess equivalent to worshipping of all our Pithrus ( forefathers,ancestors) and all pithru doshas exist in a family will vanish
While performing Goddess Sree mahalakshmi Homa, Gho Pooja should be done in propitiating Goddess Lakshmi.. Performing Gho Pooja with Sree maha Lakshmi Homa on Fridays is more auspicious.
Performing Gho Pooja will vanish Pithru Dosha in a family
Performing Gho Pooja will vanish all losses in a Business
Performing Gho Pooja will vanish  all your debts.
Performing Gho Pooja will vanish  all problems created by enemies
Performing Gho Pooja will vanish all obstacles and bring prosperity
It will take few hours only to change your entire life.. Thethiyur.V.J.Raman Aaathmartha Jyothidar will help you to conduct this pooja for success in your personal , professional, and social life.

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