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Aum Garparakshambigaayai
Cha vidhmahey
Mangala Dhevedhaayai
Cha Deemahee
Dhanno Devi Prachodhayadh

Goddess Garbarakshambika is the supreme energy from goddess Parvathi who is an embodiment of motherhood,love and affection. One who is longing for children can pray Her to get brilliant child.

Sree Garbarakshambika Homa is performed in one’s house to protect the womb of the mother and give her the status of a Mother. ‘Garba’ means womb and ‘Raksha’ means protection. ‘Ambika’ means goddess who is nothing but the divine manifestation of Parvathi Devi. Right from protecting the child in the womb till ensuring safe delivery, Goddess Garbarakshambika will take utmost care of Her devotees.

Garbarakahambika Homa is a big boon to couples who aspire for brilliant child. The slokas and manthras chanted in this homa evoke the maternal love and affection. For early pregnancy, to ensure good health during pregnancy, Garbarakshambika is the only deity to ensure to fulfill all the desires of a mother.

For ensuring safe delivery and avoiding miscarriage, Garbarakshambika Homa is the only vedic homa considered most powerful to seek Her blessings.

Panchami Thithi is the most preferred day for performing this Homa.

We strongly recommend this Homa and can make arrangements to perform in your house or anywhere you desire to ensure safe delivery.
An exciting opportunity to realize the motherly experience.

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