OHM NAMO BAGAVATHEY VASUDEVAYA DHANVANTHREYE AMRUTHA KALASA HASTHAYA SARVA AAMAYA VINASANAYA THRAI LOKYA NAATHAYA SRI MAHA VISHNUVEY NAMAHA: Lord Dhanvanthri is the Divine Physician who can cure any crucial diseases when anybody prays him with dedication.  He is an incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu, having four hands holding medical herbs Shank, Chakra and a pot of rejuvenating mixture. Dhanvanthri emerged while the cosmic ocean of milk was churned by Devas and Demons. Vedas and Puranas describes Lord Dhanvanthri as the physician of Devas. During Saturn's adverse transit periods ie 7 and half years Saturn's period, Arthastoma, Astoma and Ganta Saturn's periods ones health will be affected. So get relief from acute diseases and to attain long life with robust Health Dhanvanthri Homa is performed. This Homa is done to seek the divine intervention as a complement to Doctors prescription of Medicines. This Homa is performed to invoke the blessings of Lord Dhanvanthri to make an end to all health issues. Lord Dhanvanthri will create positive vibration and protect everybody from any severe health hazards. Lord Dhanvanthri will give a disease free healthy life and relief from chronic illness and pains. Dhanvanthri Homa, Aayush Homa and Mirthyunjaya Homa is  done put together will give greater relief from any un curable diseases. Ekadasi Thithi, Budha, Guru Hora times are best periods to conduct this Homa. Let unlock our ignorance. Make life more meaningful and Happy by performing Shri Dhanvanthri Homa

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