To live with Long Healthy Life

Aayush Homam is normally performed on collection of on year on the birth Nakshatra date. This Holy Homa is performed for getting a healthy long life. Aayush Homa gives vitality, paves the way for healthy living and gives the child long life.

Basically to pray for longevity and prosperity of life, this Homa is performed. Though it is normally performed on First Birthday of the child, it can be performed every year also during one’s life span.

Aayush Homa is also performed on completion of 60th, 80tth and 100th Year Birthday also. Vaishavites perform Aayush Homa along with Srisooktha, Purusha Sooktha and Sudarsana Homa. Saivites will perform this homa starting with Maha Ganapathi pooja and Navagraha Pooja followed by Maha Ganapathi Homa and Navagraha Homa. After Aayush Homa a sacrifice known as Jayanthi Homam is also performed the end.

The main purpose of performing Aayush Homa is to remove poorvakarma sins and make the ethical to life hale and healthy in this karma. Aayush Homa is dedicated to the Life of God to enhance longevity. It is believed that Aayush Homa has a tremendous effect on every body’s health and longevity. This is more powerful enough to cure serious health problems, mental disorders and create positive effect on the mind and retrieve from severe health hazards. This Homa is also capable of preventing positions in one’s horoscope. Persons undergoing a medical treatment should go for this homa to have speedy recovery. This has to be performed in everybody’s house only.

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